Your Perfect Space: House vs. Apartment
Your Perfect Space: House vs. Apartment

Are you considering the purchase of a property if so, you may be wondering if a house may be better suited vs. an apartment or vice versa? Apartment living is on the rise and there are many types and sizes to choose from. Houses have also undergone a shift in terms of construction materials, layout and design and are becoming smaller in size, much like apartments. Therefore, there will be other considerations besides, size and design to consider before you make a choice.

If you are unsure which to choose, or where to start, consult a realtor like property management Melbourne and ask them to take you through a few virtual tours of both houses and apartments and even go have a look at a few before you even start the process of shortlisting and choosing.

The obvious first advantage that comes to mind is that you get more space in a house vs. an apartment. However, increasingly this is not a big plus for houses anymore. Houses are becoming as small as apartments and some without any garden space or garage space, which is the second advantage of living in a house. Usually, houses provide a front and back garden and patio and garage space which is private. Parking space in an apartment is shared and as a result, you cannot store any personal items there. You still have the option of choosing a house with a private garden and garage space which is something that is not available to you in an apartment.

Another advantage with houses is that you can choose to have pets; this is not allowed in apartments usually, however, there are exceptions with smaller apartment complexes. Even so, keeping a pet in an apartment complex comes with several rules and regulations that restrict the movement of your pet within the compound and surrounding areas.

All in all, with a house you have personal space to do as you please, whereas in an apartment the space outside of your core living area is shared, and this difference is a significant advantage in favour of houses. Apartments however offer a range of amenities not available to individual houses and this can be a big plus to someone who wants access to these amenities regularly. From saunas to pools to clubhouses. Some complexes even offer movie theatres, salons and parks all available to those living in an apartment. 

Although houses are long-term investments, appreciating much more than apartments, the upfront cost of purchasing a house can be prohibitive. Maintenance costs for houses are also much higher compared to apartments where maintenance, management and day-to-day operations are taken care of for you for a monthly fee. Houses also offer less mobility. It’s easier to lock and leave your apartment but more difficult to do so with a house.

Think through your living arrangements and family size before choosing between an apartment and a house as purchasing a space can be quite taxing.