Why You Should be Flying a Kite?
Why You Should be Flying a Kite?

Summer is here and it is glorious. The warm rays of the sun give you plenty of opportunities to actually get out of the house and remember what living the good life is all about. BBQs with friends, relaxing on the beach, soaking up the sun, wearing shorts outside, it’s the little things. BUT one of the greatest things that you can do when it’s nice and breezy outside is to go fly a kite. And I mean this literally, if you’ve been cooped up in the house for a long time, there is nothing more satisfying than watching a kite dancing in the breeze.

If you’re in the mood to go kite flying, just remember that not all kites are made the same. Some come in wacky colors and shapes, but many kites that you will find on the market are made of subpar materials and are not intended for more than a single-use. They are fragile and cheap as chips. Sure, this kind of kite has its place in the world, but if you want the best, truly a kite that is made strong enough that it would withstand a full-frontal collision with a Mack truck (we’re kidding) and dart around faster in the breeze than a Ferrari taking a light turn at Monza (again we’re kidding) go ahead and check out octopus kite. They have the best kits on the market (we’re not kidding).

So why should you be flying kites during the summer? Well, for starters kites are basically a booster shot, your daily dose of exercise and a multivitamin all rolled up into one, meaning that they’re great for your health. Kite flying requires you to have good hand-eye coordination, it requires that you move around a lot and basically do your best to keep this magical floating object from drifting away from you. This involves running, walking, all the aerobic activity that you need to ensure great heart health.

Kite flying also keeps you (ironically) grounded. By getting in touch with your youthful side, you are essentially reminding yourself that life doesn’t always need to be so serious. We’re always so caught up in our daily lives of money-making, commitments, education etc. that we forget that we need to take a step back to enjoy ourselves once in a while. Kite flying releases all kinds of magical chemicals in the brain, and it feels joyous, like an activity that is meant to be enjoyed only for itself.

Flying a kite is also not done alone, so you will need a few friends to fly kites with, meaning that kite flying is basically an activity that will have you forming stronger bonds with your best friends. And if you choose to go out there alone, kites can also be a great way to start up a conversation with others. The simplicity of it all is what is truly remarkable. Kite flying will help you destress and unwind.

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