Why People Choose Vape Among Many Other Alternative?
Why People Choose Vape Among Many Other Alternative?

Among plenty of alternatives that are in the market in terms of helping people overcome smoking the top two products in contending for the top spot are the nicotine patches and the vape. But the latter is preferred by many younger people not just for the sake of quitting but because of it being a hobby. But regardless of the data many people choose vape among many other alternatives, according to data and reported feedback these are the reasons why they chose vape.

Relatively Healthier

According to research, between smoking and vaping, vape is relatively healthier and safer for the user. Given clinical trials and experiments under the same factors such as time and duration of use, many cigarettes smoker reported less satisfaction thus the result would be increased smoking while on the other hand vaping reported more satisfaction thus results in lesser use and directly controls the substances inhaled by the user.

Socially Acceptable

The vape flavors which also give off its amorous scent actually helps in making vape a more socially acceptable hobby than cigarette smoking. And because of its lesser stigma, people are freer to practice vaping and thus creates a healthier cycle for people who wants to quit smoking.

The stigma of smoking is so negative that when people try to quit, they tend to become secretive about their plans to quit smoking this creates more anxiety to the quitter thus the negative loop begins that in order to lessen anxiety the user will turn to cigarette smoking to lessen the negative feeling.

Controlled Substance Intake

The device produces aerosol and vapor and the filter are embedded in the mouthpiece of the device thus the substances and chemicals inhaled by the user are lesser compared to when the person is smoking tobacco or cigarette. The substances are also in liquid form thus when vapor is produced it is basically heavier and contains more moisture thus the user inhales less from the unfiltered vapor and more from the mouthpiece of the device than from the air because the vapor does not linger unlike the smoke from the cigarette.

Fresher Breath

Many cigarette smokers and their families reported foul-smelling odour coming from the user after they have inhaled the nicotine-filled stick of tobacco or cigarette, this is due to all other chemicals that are burned in the process of lighting the cigar stick.

Included in the foul smell is the breath of the users not to mention they are rotten taught due to nicotine and tar exposure when inhaling the smoke. But with vape the user actually retains a fresher scent since no more smoke will stick on their clothes and because of the scent of the juice, many vape users reported fresher fresh thus are not shunned away from by their peers.


Lastly, vape is way cheaper than buying cigarette sticks by packs. The idea is that when a vape user buys the juice this is a onetime purchase and because it does not need to be lit by a match or a lighter the user does not have to spend an extra amount of money for such because the vape device is just charged and is battery powered. Thus, the lesser cost for vape and more practical in terms of the expenses and purchases done by the user.

Choosing an alternative for smoking that fits you is a trial-and-error process, one does not need to follow anything they have read but rather they must try it themselves if it suits them and their lifestyle.

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