What to Expect from a Full Body Massage?
What to Expect from a Full Body Massage?

A full body massage can be incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Here, soft tissues will be manipulated by the massage therapists in order to improve your physical wellbeing. This can also contribute to better mental wellbeing.

When booking a spa treatment

Make sure to check out the different treatments offered by the spa. There are treatments that are focusing different concerns. If you are thinking about booking a massage full body, it is good to learn what you can expect. You have to research different spas to understand their reputation and quality of treatment. And once you have booked and visited the spa for your session, you will generally have a short consultation with the massage therapist where they will ask about any health concerns you have along with medical history. They will ask if you currently have any areas of discomfort. Understanding this information allows them to personalise the massage and ensure it is customised to your needs.

You can talk about the goals you have for the massage

Maybe you are looking for pain relief or a session where you can simply relax. Some prioritise alleviation of pain while others focus on reducing stress. You can let the massage therapist know of your expectations so they have a good idea of what you are looking for. Make sure to let them know your preferences when it comes to massage techniques or the level of pressure to be used. If you have any area that you want them to focus on or to avoid, make sure to communicate this to the therapist.

You need to have clear communication so that you are able to achieve best results from the massage. The therapist will ask you to undress according to your comfort level and during this stage, they will leave the room to ensure your privacy. Generally, you are required to remove clothing and lie on the massage table. You can use a towel to cover yourself or a sheet.

Once you are positioned comfortably on the table

The massage therapist will enter the room and begin the massage. They will have a systematic method to proceed with the massage. They will start from one area of the body and then go to the next. Generally, the areas of the body covered by a full body massage are the shoulders and neck, back, arms and hands, legs and feet along with the front of the body. Depending on the massage, the head and face will also be included.

You need to maintain clear communication with the massage therapist throughout the session so they understand whether you are experiencing any pain or discomfort. And if you have a specific request, you need to speak up and let the therapist know so that they can make necessary adjustments to the pressure or techniques used. Make sure to drink plenty of water after the massage as this can help with muscle soreness especially if you have a deep tissue massage.