Ways To Comfort a Grieving Person Due to A Personal Loss
Ways To Comfort a Grieving Person Due to A Personal Loss

Doe some death is like an emotional amputation in which a huge part of our lives has suddenly been ripped off from our lives and never again will we see or even talk to them and any unfinished business and any unspoken thoughts that we should have spoken to them will forever be kept in our minds.

Thus, we can see why a bereaved person is oftentimes very distraught and pained. When death comes knowing too close to heart, nobody is really ready for that and the only thing we can do to help is through offering comfort and lending ourselves to alleviate the pain of loss to the bereaved person. Here are some ways we can show them our love during these difficult times.

Be an active Listener

We can be an active listener for the grieving family. Active listening is simple put being there and focusing on that the person is conveying even if they are not saying anything. Active listening is being fully there at the moment that a person needs somebody to hear them or somebody who could help them carry a very heavy emotional burden.

During a wake people should be advised to be great listeners because the grieving needs it more than ever. You can also offer them gifts, if you're looking for sympathy gifts you can browse online for such items to give the grieving family.

Give Allowance for Grieving

As the immediate family and friends of the dearly departed are grieving there are some aspects of their emotions that are not in a stable state. Sometimes there is a moment of deep sadness, or even extreme sudden wings in mood from lethargic to highly irritable.

These things are normal as the bereaved are still in the process of adjusting to the new reality. We should be able to honour that and allow them to feel the whole range of emotions that must be felt in the death of a loved one.

Help with their Basic Needs

Help with their needs around the house. So normally what happens is that during a wake the bereaved has lesser time to do chores around the house or even clean up. One of the things that we can do is to offer our services for them such as help them clean the house or cook for them. These small and simple ways are actually very helpful in their healing process during the grieving stages.

Offer a Hug

Never underestimate the power of the hug. Hugs are one of the most valuable gestures that we can offer somebody who is in pain. Hugs are actually one of the ways we can impart our emotions the applied bodily pressure, the psychological effects of hugs it is that it mimics the pressure that we felt while we were in the womb thus it elicits the feeling of comfort and safety to any person being hugged.

What is important during the stages of grief is that the bereaved will now be or feel isolated and alone. They might feel very sad and extremely angry at times, but we should never let their emotions envelope their whole being, we should offer our presence and love in any way possible.

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