Tips for New Homeowners
Tips for New Homeowners

One of the best feelings in the world is when you finally stop paying a landlord a pound of flesh every month for the right to live and move into a home of your own. Trust me it feels like you’ve reached a new level of life, where you don’t have to put up with pesky landlords and lease payments, and instead can enjoy the simple comfort of knowing that you have a little slice of paradise that you don’t need to pay anyone for. Of course, when it finally does happen it’s natural to be a little excited. Its emancipation after all, who wouldn’t be? But we’ve noticed that a lot of new homeowners tend to make the same mistakes, so we’re here to help you with a few tips that will save you a lot of time, money, and heartache a few years down the line.

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The primary tip that we have for you is that you really shouldn’t overspend on superficial stuff. We get it; you’ve just built yourself the home of your dreams. It has taken time, effort, energy, and a whole lot of mental anxiety, and you’re super ready to make it look fabulous but let’s take a step back. If you’re like most people, you’ve basically handed over a good and tidy sum of money from your savings in order to purchase the land, labor, and raw materials to create this home. Most likely money is going to be a little tight for the first few months. Because not only have you handed over the capital to make this, but you’ve also got bills to pay, maybe loans, the water bill, etc. It’s pretty gnarly stuff. Of course, we understand that you’re in a rush to personalize, but take it easy and give yourself time to get used to being in the new home and rebuild your financial status first. Those new wooden cabinets are going to look a whole lot better knowing that you didn’t break the bank to have them installed.

Another important point is that you should never ignore the important maintenance that comes along with being a homeowner. You don’t have a landlord to call to help you out when your toilet is clogged. You’ve got to basically fix the problem yourself or hire someone to do the job. That’s the beautiful part about being a homeowner. You are 100% responsible. In contrast to the previous point. You should absolutely get your maintenance done as soon as humanly possible. Why? Because the longer you wait to actually do the repairs the more costly it’s going to get.

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