Tips for Matching Shoes to Your Outfit
Tips for Matching Shoes to Your Outfit

Buying shoes online may be a little easier than buying clothes as you have only a few measurements to get right. And with online shopping, you get access to so many deals and offers that it can be impossible not to buy something that catches your eye. But you have to understand how to style the shoes you have carefully bought as well. However, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion as it is very much subjective.

It takes careful thought to complete an outfit and choosing a complementary shoe can sometimes be a little difficult. When you are shopping for women’s shoes, you can make styling easier for you by selecting neutral colors. For example, you can select shoes in grey, black, nude, white etc. as these colors will match anything you have in the closet. And it will make deciding what to wear quite easy in the morning.

Of course, you can give a bigger impact by matching the color of the shoes to the outfit but this means buying a lot of shoes! This is great if you have the storage space and you can afford to buy a large collection. But if you are only now beginning to build up your shoe collection, the first things to purchase will be neutral colors so you will always have something to match any outfit. After that, you can select different colors and diversify your wardrobe.

You may not always be able to match the exact color of the outfit to the shoes. And having the same exact shade of shoe as your outfit can make the entire thing look a little too bland. There has to be some difference. So a good way to still bring your outfit together is to wear a shoe that has a darker shade to that of the outfit in the same color. There will be no significant difference but the outfit will look highly coordinated. And having a different shade or color of shoe to the dress actually highlights the dress more and makes you stand out.

Try to avoid choosing shoes of the same material when you are matching the outfit. You can still wear the same color but for example, if you are wearing a velvet fabric for clothing, you can select shoes in a different texture such as a knit or satin shoe. This helps you layer textures together and avoid looking too monochromatic.

If you don’t want items in the outfit to look too match, you can first start with one color; this can be a top or skirt in one color. And then choose clothing items that are slightly different from the shade but still in the same color. You will still look coordinated but there will be a subtle difference that gives an interesting and modern effect. You can also match different patterns for a dramatic effect. Instead of wearing leopard print shoes with a leopard print dress, you can use a slightly different pattern.