Picking Wedding Shoes for Kids
Picking Wedding Shoes for Kids

There are a variety of wedding shoes for kids on the market but there are a few things you have to consider before the purchase. It is best if you can choose something versatile so it can be worn for several different occasions. Kids can outgrow their shoes in the blink of an eye so it is best not to buy a large number of shoes.

A wedding shoe doesn’t need to be restricted to a wedding only; you can use them for any formal occasion. It might take some time to browse different collections so it is best to go through a few online shops to narrow down your preference for children's wedding shoes Australia. If your daughter is to be a flower girl at an upcoming wedding, you will need to select something special to match the rest of the outfit so she can walk down the aisle like a princess.

Generally, flower girls tend to wear shoes that are similar in colour to the bride’s maids. There are also neutral colours like ivory, beige, silver etc. that are usually picked out as flower girl shoes. Pastel colours are also a favourite. Make sure you go shopping a good couple of weeks before the main event so there is time to exchange the shoes if there is something wrong with the fit. The comfort of the shoe is the priority.

You will also have to consider the month of the year the wedding is taking place. The theme is also important. Some weddings are more formal affairs while there are a few informal events as well. In addition to looking for something comfortable, look for shoes that can be put on easily. Slip on shoes that come with thin straps will be a great option. Look for shoes that have cut out or a little bit of bling such as a buckle, pearls, rhinestones etc. that will reflect the theme of the event.

For an older flower girl, you can also select a wedding shoe with a chunky heel. There are also different materials you can experiment with such as satin. You can also decorate the shoe and add some bling to it buy glueing some pearls or rhinestones to it.

It is always best to clear up the colour of the wedding shoe by asking the bride or groom. Sandals will be great for a sunny day as they will keep your child’s feet cool. You can also choose a shoe that they will wear again such as a pair of ballet shoes in a neutral colour. If your son is to be a page boy, you can look for a shoe about a month in advance so they get some time to get used to the shoe. This way, they will not suffer from painful feet on the big day.

Smart canvas shoes are good for a more casual event as long as it is in a neutral colour like navy, brown or black. Look for shoes that are easier to clean as kids’ shoes can get dirty quickly.