Important Steps to Remember When You Get Hacked
Important Steps to Remember When You Get Hacked

In an age of information and digitalization it is easy to get lost and become prey to the hackers, scammers, and malicious activities over the internet. And since the internet is relatively new no one has the full knowledge on how to be 100% safe and keep your data safe from such malicious activities. But in the event of being hacked at least there are some tips on what to do and what steps to take, here are those simple yet helpful tips.

Verify the Hacking

You can first verify the hacking by retracing your steps and actually taking inventory on which data has been lost and on the probability of how it was hacked in the first place, for example, tracing back emails that are opened or apps that were recently installed. You can also look into the archive of the antivirus app, if it is still functional, to see if there are any malicious activity for the past week leading up to the hacking or loss of data.

Take Not of Probable Stolen Data

The next thing that you can do to help yourself is to take not of the data that was probably breached such as sensitive information, personal files and documents and even sensitive photos or information about somebody of bank information. The thing is one has to have at least a great deal of knowledge on the data that was probably stolen or copied so that it will be easier and easily controlled when one is retracing their steps so that they can secure further loss of data.

Ask for Assistance

When there is probable cause that a crime happened one can ask for assistance from the police or from the federal agencies especially when it pertains to personal data and records that can harm the person, a company, or the nation in any way. One can also ask for third-party assistance in recovering files or investigating the crime. There are so many security consultants Sydney based cyber security firms who can aid in such sensitive cases.

Secure Other Device and Accounts

The nest thing to do is to secure the other devices and other accounts. For example, if one’s social media was hacked on thing that you can speculate is that you other accounts might have been hacked too. So, in that sense it would be helpful to check on those accounts and secure those by changing passwords and outing up precautionary parameters such as dual-factor verification, or voice commend verification.

Publicize the Incident

The last thing that you can do is to help and educate others in terms of publicizing the incident. In making it public you are making it know to the digital world on how you were hacked and how your data was stolen, in such cases, other people might be saved from the same modus by learning from your mistakes.

It takes vigilance and a sense of responsibility to keep ourselves safe in the digital aspect but if worse comes to worse at least we know how to handle it or what to do when it happens.

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