How to Select Motorsport Racewear?
How to Select Motorsport Racewear?

You need to have proper racewear to ensure that the safety of the driver and performance are not affected. Some of the options you will see will be flame retardant race suits and gloves so that the safety of the driver is ensured.

There are many brands that specifically design racewear such as RPM clothing. You can check out the reviews for different bands online. There are also online forums where you can meet likeminded racing enthusiasts and you can find a lot of information on the types of clothes that are preferred by people. The race suit is an important element of racewear. You need to check whether it has the SFI or Safety Foundation Institute rating so that you know the suit meets the safety standards for protection against heat.

This ensures that it complies with the standards for flame resistance. You need to consider the material of the suit and check whether it is made from high quality flame resistant materials. This can help protect you in the event of a fire. The SFI certification will ensure the suit meets their safety standards. The suit should also fit you well and so that you are able to execute your full range of motion. If the suit is too loose, the fabric can snag on objects. Racing is a physically demanding activity so you need to have sufficient ventilation in the suit. This will allow you to regulate your body temperature and ensure you are not feeling discomfort. Race suits will come with strategically places vents so that proper airflow is maintained.

The race boots should provide sufficient sensitivity

And feedback so that the driver is able to have a good pedal feel. You have to consider the sole thickness of the boots. You can try it on to see what gives you the best pedal feel. A thinner sole can help achieve this and you will be able to sense the pressure applied to the vehicle pedals precisely so that you have more control over your driving. Check the material the boots are made of. These should be made from fire resistant materials. And even though a thin sole is recommended, there should be proper support for the ankle so that your safety is ensured. You need to check whether the boots come with a secure closure system. Some options you will come across will be Velcro straps or fire resistant zippers.

Your point of contact

With the steering wheel will be the gloves so you need to have comfortable gloves so you can have good tactile feedback all the while maintaining proper grip. Fire resistant materials should be selected for the gloves. There are also grip enhancing features you can look for such as textured surfaces for the palm. The gloves have to fit you properly so that your movement is not restricted. There are gloves with pre-curved fingers that allows you to have a comfortable grip. There should also be ventilation panels so that sweat build-up is reduced.