How to Select a Course Provider for TEFL?
How to Select a Course Provider for TEFL?

When selecting any course to follow, it is important to select a reputed and reliable course provider so that you have assurance in the quality of education you will be provided with. In this article, we are looking into how you can select the right TEFL course provider. This stands for teaching English as a foreign language.

You will find many course providers for TEFL and related certifications but one of the first considerations in narrowing down your choice is accreditation. This is what ensures that TEFL Toronto meets the right standards that so many employers around the world are looking for. And once you receive the certification, you will be able to access so many career opportunities around the world in schools, universities and other educational institutions.

You can even become a private English tutor. You need to make sure that the course provider has accreditation from a recognised and reputed organisation. You can also recheck with the organisation whether the accreditation is actually valid as there can be course providers that give false claims.   

You can search online

For TEFL course providers and go through their official websites to get an idea about the course content. This is what ensures you become an effective teacher. The content is what creates the foundation on which you will build your teaching career so you need to make sure that you have the right building blocks at the start. Some of the topics that you will need to look for when going through the course content are language skills, lesson planning, cultural awareness, classroom management and practical experience.

If you are not a native speaker, it can be a challenge to learn a new language so you need to select a course provider that provides you with comprehensive support during and after the course. You can check some of the online resources as well as other educational resources they can provide you with. Check the tutors employed by the course provider and their qualifications. It is also important to select a course provider that can provide job placement assistance.

Check whether the course provider is dedicated to providing ongoing support to their students even after completing the course such as webinars, teacher forums and further education courses to help refine your knowledge. You need to look into testimonials given by previous students to get an idea of the reputation of the course provider. Make sure you check reviews on independent websites as well and ask for recommendations from known people who already carry such certification.

You can also carry out some research on the history of the course provider along with any awards they have won. It is also to the credit to the course provider that they have partnerships with organisations in the TEFL industry. The cost is a critical consideration but you can consider this as an investment in your future. If you go by the cost alone, you will miss the opportunities and expert instruction provided by a recognised course.