How to Safely Store Your Firearms?
How to Safely Store Your Firearms?

Whether you are an avid gun collector or just own one for safety purposes in your home, it is important to store them in a manner that is out of the reach of kids and also out of reach of burglars in the event of a break-in. You should make sure to keep your gun unloaded and locked out of sight and out of reach.

There are various methods you can use to lock up your gun/s and maintain them for long-term usage. Here are some ways you can safely store your firearms:

Trigger Locks

Trigger locks are an affordable option that prevents a gun from being loaded or fired by an unauthorized user. Most guns now come with this option. However, if your gun does not come with its own dedicated lock, then you can use a common padlock by placing it between the back of the trigger and the trigger guard. This inexpensive option can prevent the trigger from being manipulated.

Gun Cases

Gun cases come in different shapes, sizes, and materials in order to fit various types of guns. Gun cases can help protect the gun from any physical damage and is a much safer option than carelessly tossing your gun into a drawer. They are not only an affordable option but are also portable and easy to store. However, tools can be used to cut out the material of these cases and come into possession of the firearm so take measures to lock up the gun case as well.

Safes for a Gun

The most secure gun storage options for an average gun owner are gun safes as they prevent unauthorized access. These safes are designed to specifically store firearms and come with a locking mechanism that could be the dial or electronic type. There are different safes with varying features so if you are planning on purchasing one, take a look into the features you would want in a safe as well.

Storage Boxes and Security Cases

This is a good option if you require quick access to your firearm. Security cases are a good option if you are planning on travelling with the firearm in your possession. You could purchase one that comes with a mounting feature that will allow the case to attach to your closet at home or your care when traveling. Their prices vary depending on their features.

Gun Steel Cabinets

Gun steel cabinets provide more storage compared to storage boxes or security cases. They also differ from a gun safe as gun steel cabinets are more lightweight and do not come with a fire-resistant feature. As they are made of lighter materials, they can be easily stored in places that are too small for a gun safe. They can also be installed in locations where a gun safe could be considered too heavy to install.

There are numerous options to safely store your firearms. Once you place them in these storage options, make sure to place them in a location that cannot be easily seen by others but can be easily accessed by you.

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