How to Responsibly Dispose of Your Waste When Moving House?
How to Responsibly Dispose of Your Waste When Moving House?

Moving to a new house can be a very exhausting process and it requires careful planning and organization to see it through. One of the challenges that you face in moving is the accumulation of waste.

You only realize how many unused items you are keeping until you take all of them out and consider what to take to the new residence.

There are many items to throw away when you are moving and it will only take up more space in your new house. So you need to understand how to dispose of your waste properly so that you take care of the environment as well. Contacting a company that carries out green waste disposal Geelong is a good idea as you will be able to hire skip bins to throw all items that cannot be used. There could be old furniture that needs to be replaced, garden tools that have rusted or missing parts, outdated electronic devices that don’t work any longer etc. Sometimes it can be hard to find a place to dispose of electronics responsibly as well. And large items like furniture can be hard to transport. In this case, you can hire a large skip in order to transport them.

There are different types of skip bins that you can use. You need to consider the amount of waste that is generated before you select a bin. The hiring company can help you with this as well. Generally, the smallest size of a skip bin will be able to hold about 20 bags of rubbish. There are larger bins that will be able to hold over 100 bags of waste. You should check whether there is sufficient space in the driveway or on the road for the skip to be parked. This way the waste can be easily transported to the skip bin. Most companies will drop the skip and pick it up within a day after you have sorted out the waste. You can also let them know whether you need a few extra days to sort out the waste. There are many things you can put in a skip bin. You should also take care not to overfill a skip bin. Some items that skip bins will not take are asbestos, cement sheets, hazardous chemicals, food waste, syringes or needles etc. If you have such items, you can contact the company and ask whether they have a process to dispose of these items and whether they have an additional charge.

It is best to sort items as per recycling guidelines when you are planning to hire a skip bin. So you need to keep glass, cardboard, plastic, metals separately so that they can be separately disposed of. There are also recycling schemes that you can look into in your council. But when a large amount of waste is generated when you are carrying out a big project or event such as moving, it is best to hire a company to take care of it. You should also look at items that can be used by somebody else that you can donate. So these items can be separated from the recyclable items. You can ask the local charity shops about what they take in and the condition of the product they require.

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