How to choose an active sport for your child?
How to choose an active sport for your child?

Growing up, children need to obtain a balance in what they are learning from studies and physical activities to ensure that they are fit both mentally and physically. Performing in an active sport will challenge children both physically and mentally which will lead to development vastly in their new-found sport.


In football 2 teams engage in shooting a ball using their legs into the opponent's goal. This team sport is usually something that develops teamwork, communication and cooperative skills in both children and adults alike. Alongside these qualities, football is also a physically demanding sport which means that children engaging in football would develop quick reflexes, speed and strength when growing up. In addition, children will understand sportsmanship from an early age, allowing them to be respectful and honest.


Surfing is a water sport/hobby where you ride the waves that are produced by the ocean using a surfboard. This can also be done by man-made waves in certain indoors. Anyone who has surfed before would tell you it takes a lot of patience and will to master the art of riding waves. Hence, children engaged in surfing would develop patience and the determination to keep trying regardless of failure which could aid them in many areas outside of surfing. Balance, control, and timing are also qualities that surfers develop which help them when surfing. Children or adults will need wetsuits when going surfing such as Vissla 3/2 wetsuits to keep them warm in cold waters.


A sport which can be played both individually and in pairs. This game involves the use of a racket which is used to hit the shuttle over a net into a confined area known as the court. In this sport, if a player lets the shuttle land on their side of the court whilst it is in the court the opponent scores a point. Therefore, in this game, a players’ mistake could cost them a point. As a result, of the coordination required and the sheer speed needed to react fast enough to outsmart the opponent; this sport can help children develop amazing footwork as they have to be light on their feet and fast to reach the shuttle. Moreover, the use of the racket to hit the shuttle ensure that children will develop good hand-eye coordination which can help them when learning other new sets of skills and muscle memory later on in their life.


Yet again a sport similar to football in terms of its general structure. Basketball requires players on either team to get possession of the ball and shoot it into the opponent's ring which is placed at an elevation, all whilst dribbling the ball. This involves teamwork, coordination, and strategy with the added need for verticality in the playing field. Basketball also requires good hand-eye coordination to shoot the ball. But what separates the game a lot is the need to be able to predict your opponent's next move as a defender and to be able to counter/fake your defender when attacking. Such skills can help children develop the ability to look ahead in any activity or course of action they take allowing them to be more responsible for their actions today as they understand it has a consequence in the future.

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