How can you choose a Good Turmeric Supplement and what Points should you Consider when Buying?
How can you choose a Good Turmeric Supplement and what Points should you Consider when Buying?

The well-known spice turmeric is made from the root of the Curcuma longa plant. It contains a compound called curcumin, which may reduce swelling. Turmeric, which has a warm, bitter taste, is frequently used to flavour or colour cheeses, kinds of butter, mustards, and curry powders. Curcumin and other components of turmeric are widely used to treat conditions that cause pain and inflammation because they may lessen swelling.

With good reason, turmeric is often referred to as "the wonder spice." More than 6000 studies on this superfood have confirmed its numerous health advantages. Our systems have trouble absorbing curcumin, the main component and nutrient in it, according to recent studies. What is the best turmeric? When purchasing a turmeric supplement, the variety of options can make it difficult to decide which one to choose. What therefore constitutes a turmeric supplement that is efficient and bioavailable?

Let's begin with the fundamentals. Verify that the supplement you select solely contains natural ingredients. To maximize revenues, several corporations add fillers, chemicals, preservatives, sweeteners, and other ingredients. Next, pick a product that was made with locally sourced, organic ingredients. If your turmeric is not organic, has GMOs, and is imported from China, it won't be of much use to you. When it comes to components, quality matters.

After locating high-quality ingredients, you want to consider the supplement's manufacturing process. Always choose a full spectrum, whole food-based supplement over one that just provides a particular vitamin. For instance, curcumin alone is present in many turmeric pills. The turmeric root contains a variety of additional healthy substances besides curcumin, including curcuminoids and natural oils. A comprehensive spectrum of natural ingredients rather than just one extract is what you want in your supplement.

Let's now talk about absorption, which is the most crucial aspect of turmeric. Our bodies barely absorb 5–10% of the curcumin from typical turmeric pills, according to contemporary science. The use of black pepper, which can improve absorption by up to 2000%, is one technique to aid our bodies in absorbing curcumin. Many pills include black pepper, but fat is an additional essential ingredient that can elevate your turmeric dose to the next level.

Curcumin promotes considerably greater absorption when consumed with fat, also known as a lipid. The fact that turmeric supplements in pill and powder form must pass through strong stomach acids before being absorbed is another problem. Because of this, liquid vitamins are much better and are becoming more and more popular. Sublingually administered liquid vitamins enable absorption to start in the mouth and continue into the digestive tract.

There are numerous options, even for liquid turmeric supplements. The majority of liquid supplements are extracted with alcohol, which gives them a flavour that is sickening and unsuitable for most individuals. When taking a health supplement, you should avoid drinking alcohol. A key lipid base required for optimum absorption is also absent in alcohol. A better extraction process that offers a lipid foundation and a sweet, honey-like flavour is vegetable glycerin.