Driving Can Be a Good Therapy But with All Safety Measures
Driving Can Be a Good Therapy But with All Safety Measures

Safety is an issue that drivers should always keep in mind.  After all, by driving a car you are obliged to contribute to the safety of the road for yourself, other drivers, passengers and other persons who may suffer in a traffic accident.

No matter how experienced driver you are, from time to time, think carefully about key road safety issues to make sure you are careful enough to protect yourself, other drivers and pedestrians. Some safety measures in modern vehicles, given below.

  • Shatterproof Glass

These glasses break into numerous harmless pieces when shattered due to any collision. The windshields in older vehicles were not shatter resistance and were very dangerous. If the glass was broken, the driver covered by shattered sharp glass pieces and causes major injuries. Shatter resistance glass laminated to prevent injuries.

  • Seatbelts

Wearing seat belts are a very essential rule in most of the countries. Not wearing a seat belt can cause you to pay a fine. These are very essential when it comes to road accidents. The large number of people dies due to road accidents, wearing seatbelts have shown improved in those statistics.

  • Airbags

It’s a new feature, which is installed in most of the vehicles now. It produces an air filled pouch whenever the vehicle detects there is an accident, so the injuries of people in the cars can be minimized, airbags mandatory in vehicles now.

  • Anti-Lock Braking System

Early braking systems apply brake pressure only to the rear wheels.  In an emergency, the rear wheel will lock, causing the vehicle to slip and stop, such as four-wheel brakes, not seen in those days.  Four wheel brakes help to avoid turning in emergency braking situations.  The introduction of ABS solved the problem of slippage and allowed the driver to maintain control of the steering wheel while braking on slippery surfaces.

  • Control Stability

Stability checks allow drivers to avoid dangerous rollover accidents and help compensate for driver errors. If you are too stiff in a car with no stability control, you could get into an accident. If you do the same in a car with stability control, the computer will compensate for the extra stability by sending power to different wheels to avoid crashes.

  • Light

There are three types of lighting required for any vehicle: parking lights, turn signals, and headlights.  Make sure you use all of these. You should check your headlights regularly to make sure they are in perfect working order. Replace the lamp as soon as it fails. If you frequently travel long distances at night, you should consider installing a high power light bulb or HID headlight bulbs.

  • The Bumper

In other words, bullbars. These are perhaps the most primitive safety feature, designed to withstand minor impacts. These will prevent damage to the body and engine of the car.

  • Mirror

It is important to properly position the side and rear mirrors.  Proper alignment of mirrors provides good vision and eliminates blind spots.

All these things should be taken into consideration while driving. It’s responsibility of every driver to minimize road accidents using all the safety measures appropriately.

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