Basic Factors to Consider When Selecting a Pet Barrier
Basic Factors to Consider When Selecting a Pet Barrier

Pet barriers are great if you want to travel with a pet in your SUV or station wagon. These large vehicles allow you to install a bet barrier which is essentially a partition that will make it easier for you to keep your pet safe and to also clean the area quickly. A pet barrier will divide the cargo area of your vehicle from the passenger area. This is the ideal solution if you are travelling with a large dog.

You need to think about the size of your dog, your budget, and whether you will be keeping the rav4 cargo barrier permanently installed in your vehicle. This will help you figure out which brand to go for and what type of barrier you need for your requirement. If you are only making short trips to the vet or the dog park and you have a dog who can remain calm at most times, you can go for a fabric barrier. This is the cheapest option of a barrier that you can have. Because of the material, this barrier is not very strong and you will not be able to restrain your dog in an emergency. It will be difficult to install and remove as well. Also, fabric barriers can give you a limited view of the rear of the vehicle which can be a bit of a hassle when driving.

A mid-range pet barrier that you can go for is the universal barrier. This is mounted onto the headrest rails of the rear seat. The divider is basically made up of your back seat and the barrier will come with telescopic rods for a better fit. You need to think about the model of the car you have when selecting a barrier as each will have different amounts of cargo space. You need something that will maximize the cargo space of the vehicle while providing sufficient containment for the pet.

If you want a perfect fit for your vehicle, you will need to go for a pet barrier that is specially designed for the specific model. This will be quite expensive but you can be assured of its strength and security. You need to think about the temperament of the dog in a closed vehicle when you’re purchasing a barrier as well. If your dog becomes very restless inside and difficult to restrain, it is better to spend extra and go for a barrier that fits perfectly and provides a secure environment for the dog.

Pet barriers will extend from the floor of the vehicle to the ceiling. They will be mounted to the body of the car. If you want to transport more than one dog at a time and keep them separated as well, you can use a vertical divider that will further divide the rear space enclosed by the pet barrier. You can ask the supplier about this before you purchase the barrier so you are able to modify it later. Another question you can ask the supplier is whether you can safely harness the dog to the barrier. You will be able to find a barrier from any off-road supplies store.

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