Advancements Can Be More Beneficial
Advancements Can Be More Beneficial

As the world keeps upgrading day by day. All the lifestyle and habits of people continue to change as well. As the technology advances, machines have been advanced too. Nowadays, machines tend to be everywhere in this world. It has become so hard to live without machines. We need the help of machines even to perform our day-to-day activities. From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep again, we at least need simple machines to fulfill our basic needs.

Not only essential activities but also other activities for fun and entertainment require machines too. And the use of machines has a great advantage of saving time and saving effort to do certain activities. In the current world, the entertainment is solely depending on machines and technology. It’s pretty sure that we can’t imagine a life without a phone or without an internet connection in the phone.

In the ancient times, when the telephone was first invented, the sole purpose was to make communication easy and faster from one place to another. Nowadays thanks to technology advancements, a telephone has been upgraded a lot. And we use our phones for many other things not just communication. Likewise, everything has been changed and progressed to something else with different uses and advantages than the initial product.

For example, when we mention smoking and cigarettes are made of tobacco, tar, and nicotine as their main components. Smoking has become a very popular habit among all the populations in the world. Smoking can be sometimes injurious to health. There can be different types of heath problems due to these. Not only for people who smoke, can it even be harmful for people who are around a person who smokes. There are two types of smokers, active and passive. Active smokers are people who directly smoke cigarettes. Passive smokers are people who are around people who smoke. There are modern e-cigarettes, also known as vape. These e-cigarettes will not cause harmful effects for people around.

Sometimes smoking can cause disturbances to the people around due to the unpleasant smell. Vapes come in different flavors, which can be beneficial for both the smoker and the people around them. They can select their favorite flavor. Smoking releases nicotine by process of burning of tobacco which can cause disorders related to smoking, in vapes( it’s a simple machine) the nicotine produced by a liquid getting vaporized which is less harmful compared to smoking. There is a new alternative for vaping called nicopod, these are tobacco which is smoke less and less harmful compared to smoking. These are pouches with nicotine placed between the gums and the lips. It can be considered less harmful than inhaling something. Inhaling can make the gas too directly to lungs. But by this way the nicotine enters the blood and liver, which is less harmful.

Occasionally, the advancements can be beneficial. When advancement occurs, normally the disadvantages of the previous product will be eliminated in an advanced product. It’s our duty to use what we want according to our individual needs. Not everything is beneficial for everyone.

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